The Program in 2019

The Program of activEco in 2019

  1. Impulse Seminar
  2. Green Neighborhoods Seminar
  3. Rural Development Seminar
  4. Urban Development Seminar
  5. Shared Economy Seminar
  6. Reflection and Harvesting seminar
  7. Project Management workshops

Impulse Seminar – 20-27 April

1 week long IMPULSE SEMINAR on sustainable development – This year’s Impulse Seminar took place in EcoVillage  and focused on the topics of global and local challenges and their solutions, how we are part of both of them. The participants reflected on how an individual can become the driver of change in his/her community, substantiated by their personal stories, challenges and values. The requisite topic of Social Entrepreneurship helped participants to vision how they can practically contribute to making their communities a better place, by thinking as a social entrepreneur. This exercise gave space for the participants to start developing their own project ideas in the area of sustainable development.

You can see more pictures here.

Green neighborhoods – Weekend Challenge #1

GREEN NEIGHBOURHOODS  (May 10-12) – Your home, your office, the market from which you buy groceries , the gym to which you go and the people that inhabit those areas – they are all part of your life’s neighborhood.

 Participants learned how they can bring a sense of community and environmental care into their neighborhoods. The main challenges covered in the seminar were the following:

 1. Get to know your neighbors – turn your neighborhood into a mutually helping community of trust

2. Involve the people in your neighborhood in common waste management improving way

3. How to make your neighborhood more energy efficient.

More pictures here.

Rural Development – Weekend Challenge #2

RURAL DEVELOPMENT (May 24-26) – Participants from rural areas learned about community building, organic agriculture, eco home building, energy efficiency in winter, parks and recreation and much more.  The challenges they discussed where the following:

1. Diversifying village life (culture, leisure)

2. Building community in rural areas – how can people unite around common interests and actions

3. Increasing the economic attractiveness of living in the village – how to make life economically viable in a village? 

Participants found out about the most viable village projects from our country and were invited to implement something in their own rural community! Pictures here.

Urban Development – Weekend Challenge #3

Cities should be engaging for humans and citizens, they should be a place for living and creating, where humans can thrive. Moldovan cities face many challenges especially under the pressure of technological growth and environmental issues becoming more urgent.

In order to address these issues, young enthusiasts of urbanism came together to share their knowledge and to create solutions for the following challenges:

1. Biking as a more ECOnomically and ECOlogically sound choice – how to make bicycling more attractive for cities
2. Reclaiming public spaces – the city as a space for living and for people, not just for cars and buildings
3. Building community in neighborhoods
4. City identity – how does the city find and create its identity

Shared Economy Weekend Challenge #4

Shared/social economy is a way to get services, goods, experiences without money, by involving the community and saving resources. Participants met on June 21-23 and learned about the zero waste, low waste movements, get acquainted with the working sharing projects in the world and in Moldova, get empowered to start your own shared economy project. Pictures here.

Participants worked on solving the following challenges:

1. How to promote the culture of collaboration in communities

2. How to organize, create a platform of common access to tools in blocks of apartments

3. How to create a platform online of people who benefit from mutual exchange of knowledge, services and skills

Reflection Seminar 18-20 October

The Reflection and Harvesting seminar – shortly known as the Reflection Seminar – took place on 18-20th of October in the Ecological Training Center in Riscova. The goal of this seminar is to complete the loop the learning process for the 2019 activEco year. Moreover, not only is this seminar about learnings, insights and results, but also about planning and understanding the future steps as a proactive citizen of the future Moldotopia. More pictures from the seminar here

Project management workshops

3 Project Management Workshops were held at EcoVisio Office in Chisinau for participants of different seminars. During these workshops, participants did practical work on planning their projects, learned and tried tools for successful project management and interacted with potential mentors. More pictures here.