The Program in 2018

In 2018, the activEco program consisted of:

  • the Impulse Seminar (April 1-7, 2018)
  • the Challenge Weekends
  • the Reflection Seminar (November 23-25, 2018)

What are the “Challenge Weekends”?

Challenge Weekends are short trainings (lasting from Friday to Sunday afternoon) designed for people who are especially interested in a  specific topic and are invited to work out, together, solutions that they could implement.

The Challenges of 2018:

  1. Challenge #1 – Urban and Community Development, June 1-3, 2018
  2. Challenge #2 – Project Management, June 15-17, 2018
  3. Challenge #3 – Food for Thought, September 28-30, 2018
  4. Challenge #4 – Growing Trees, October 19-21, 2018

Impulse seminar on Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship (Riscova, April 1-7, 2018)

The goal of the Impulse Seminar is to bring together like-minded people, who would develop, during the year of 2018, ideas that brings everyone closer to the future they envision. By the end of this year’s activEco program, the participants should acquire skills and actually develop and implement environmental and social entrepreneurship initiatives. With 23 participants from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, the first event of the 2018 activEco program, the Impulse Seminar, kicked off on April 1-7 in Eco-Village Moldova, in village Riscova.

This year’s Impulse Seminar focused on the topics of global challenges and how we are part of them, with a switch to local challenges in our communities and brainstorming the solutions to them. The participants reflected on how an individual can become the driver of change in his/her community, substantiated by their personal stories, challenges and values. The requisite topic of Social Entrepreneurship helped participants to vision how they can practically contribute to making their communities a better place, by thinking as a social entrepreneur. This exercise gave space for the participants to start developing their own project ideas in the area of sustainable development.

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Challenge #1 – Urban and Community Development

The Urban & Community Development Challenge took place on June 1-3, 2018 in Chisinau, organized in partnership with the NGO “Centrul de Urbanism“.

The 20 participants, urban professionals and amateurs, coming from all over Moldova, took part in a set of urban exercises meant to allow them to understand what is a city, how it functions and how it can be adapted to community needs. The 3-day workshop encouraged its participants to believe in their ideas and their potential to change the communities and the environment they live in. 

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Challenge #2 – Project Management

Challenge #2 – Project Management – took place on June 15-17, 2018 at the EcoVisio Eco-Training Center in village Rîșcova, in Eco-Village Moldova.

It has been an unprecedented Challenge both for participants and for facilitators – fitting the key points of project management theory, project work and consultations in two days, but they succeeded. The Challenge provoked its 21 participants to think about how to make socio-ecological ideas reality – through projects. The participants found out about the stages of project implementation, about how to develop as project manager and how to manage successfully the time and the resources that they have.

After the seminar, as well as after other Challenges, the participants will got some seed funding and a mentor in order to make their projects real.

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Challenge #3 – Food for Thought

We are supposed to eat healthy, but how to do that when there is so much controversial information?! The “Food for Thought” Challenge (September 28-30, 2018) was designed to help its 15 participants to build their relationship with food, based on simplicity, balance and trust towards where it comes from. 

The weekend had us playing around with flavors, colors and textures, trying (and succeeding) to reach the healthiest combinations that also taste yummy. It also had us playing around with our notions of ‘good food’ and what we look for in the things we buy, eat and cook. The goal was to help each other cultivate a relationship with food based on simplicity, trust, a return to joy – and above anything else, based on love. We thank Rita Cerneavschii and Stela Capcelea for being living proof that #FoodIsLove and for sharing their tips&tricks with us. We also couldn’t be more grateful for our participants, our mindful gourmets who came with open minds and left with happy bellies.

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Challenge #4 – Growing Trees

It seems symbolic that the last Challenge Weekend in 2018, same as in 2017, was the ”Growing Trees” one (Riscova, 19-21 October), where we learned to seeditforward and create new life that keeps on growing.

For 27 participants, aged from 14 to 37, it was a challenge to resist all the theoretical and practical activities through which the SeedItForward team shared their experience, and for the latter – to provide the answers to the most important questions (what, how, where, when, with whom, why to plant), for people with some experience and with those who have never planted, in just two days. We explored the forest, gathered seeds, planted seeds, made a tree nursery, cut trees, healed trees, dug seedlings, planted seedlings, planted willow cuttings, checked soil types, played KeepCool and Dixit, and even baked sourdough bread at an workshop by one of the participants.

We hope that in addition to all of that this seminar helped cultivate a sense of togetherness as well as confidence in our own ability to make a difference. 

You can find more photos here, or even more – here

Seminar of Reflection and New Opportunities

On November 23-25, we officially wrapped up the activEco-2018 program with a seminar dedicated to reflection, harvesting, and new beginnings.

Attending the seminar were 12 participants from the four Challenge Weekends throughout the year who have managed to implement their own project ideas (unfortunately, about half of the alumni couldn’t be present). We were very happy to see the diversity of projects – from plastic upcycling to empowering children with Down syndrome – all of which share the goal of making Moldova a better place. Aside from creating an open space for the participants to share their experiences and knowledge, this seminar was also a chance to have some fun together and mingle with the participants from the Keep Cool multipliers’ workshop happening in parallel at the Eco-Village Moldova.

We welcome the participants as official alumni of activEco, EcoVisio, MitOst, as well as the Bosch Alumni Network!

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