The Program in 2013

“activEco – sustainability in action” was born to help active young people from Moldova to implement their dream projects with the support of the program and guidance of experienced trainers from Moldova and abroad.

Young people enrolled in the first edition of the activEco Program attended the following trainings: 

Impulse seminar

April 24-28: 5 intensive days of learning about environmental issues, immersing in team building and deciding how to contribute to the ecological advancement of Moldova. After the Impulse Seminar participants formed project teams and developed beautiful ideas.

Project development seminar

June 6-9: Acquiring project management skills and exchanging know-how. Qualified coaches assisted the teams with the implementation of their ideas.

8 Project teams were coached on the way to implement their wonderful initiatives:

  • “Dulce Plai” – learning from the bees“ in Chișinău;
  • “Ecotourism for urban youngsters” in Orheiul Vechi;
  • “Bike Point” in Chișinău;
  • “EcoJunior” – seminars in Kinderardens in Gura Galbenei;
  • “Gardening for Healthy Life” in Chisinau; 
  • “Come with me to plant a tree!!!” in Chiscareni; 
  • “Local food resilience network”;
  • “Learning and practicing to live healthy” in Lozova.

More about them on “participants-projects” or on activEco Facebook page!

Reflection seminar

October 3-6: Presenting the results of participant’s projects and analyzing personal experiences.

In parallel with activEco, a new social-cultural event was born, called  “IARMAReco” – the Fair of Ecological Opportunities. Its aim was to provide a space for activEco participants to meet with the larger community of environmental activists, to unite the key stakeholders in organic world in Moldova and to present the possibilities of leading a healthy lifestyle in Moldova.

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