Projects of participants in 2020

  1. ”Future4us” | Team: Virineia Carapirea, Dinu Putere; s. Abaclia, r.Basarabeasca, Moldova
  2. ”EcoLife” | Team: Ana Brijataya, Nikita Brijatii, Krasnuha Ekaterina, Kardash Maria, Dronik Elena; Dubasari, Transnistria
  3. “Informational campaign for new cyclists” | Team: Diana Nastas; Chisinau, Moldova
  4. “ECOLORA – Festival Ecologic” | Team: Ligia Sergiu, Denis Rusu; Galati, Romania
  5. “We are the fruits of one tree” | Team: Marina Blaja, Dumitru Garabajiu; Chisinau, Moldova
  6. “Thematic picnic: Renewable energy” | Team: Olesea Raim, Mihai Darie, Anastasia Filipascu; Chisinau, Moldova
  7. “Refuse, Reuse, promote” | Team: Adriana Negru; s. Neculăieuca, r. Orhei, Moldova
  8. “ASMR – Traditional cuisine” | Team: Alina Marina, Ilona Spetsiev; Moldova
  9. “Velo-Vesta” | Team: Ana-Maria Popa; Chisinau, Moldova
  10. “Zero waste fest” | Team: Tanea Chalov, Maria Gavrilchenko; Bender, Transnistria
  11. “ECOCLUB” | Team: Marina Skaletski, Tacu Elena-Madina, Calaraș Maxim; Balti, Moldova
  12. “Accessible info on waste sorting in Chisinau” | Team: Maria Burunducova; Chisinau, Moldova
  13. “An energy efficient administration” | Team: Vladislav Golban; s. Cărbuna, Ialoveni, Moldova
  14. “Green classroom” | Team: Alexei Pianih; s.Chiperceni, Orhei, Moldova
  15. “Be a hero! Sort waste!” | Team: Nicoleta Stavila; s. Hirtopul mare, Criuleni, Moldova
  16. “Climate change and land use” | Team: Iulia Kovaleova; Falesti, Moldova


Team: Virineia Carapirea, Dinu Putere

Virineia wanted badly to plant trees in her village. To prepare the community for the planting she launched a campaign about burning leaves – as it is a common toxic practice in villages of Moldova. She created an instagram page and a facebook public group to promote the ecological message in a visual way. Virineia used the messages and visuals from Ask a Worm and Seed it Forward, thus expanding the EcoVisio projects’ impact.  

After the initial informational campaign about leaves management, the Future4us team organized a tree planting event with the locals of all ages and over a 1000 trees were planted at a landfill site. The Future4us team plans to go on with their activism, so stay tuned to see what they do next!

Where: Abaclia, r. Basarabeasca, Moldova

Mentor: Gabi Isac

Eco Life

Team: Ana Brijataya, Nikita Brijatii, Krasnuha Ekaterina, Kardash Maria, Dronik Elena

Eco-Life is the project of Ana Brijataya, from Dubasari. As a  teacher Ana has access to children and teenagers  and has involved them actively in the activities of the project. The activities took place in the time span of a month, in August.

 Together with local initiatives, Ana organized 4 workshops for children and teenagers regarding  critical consumption and waste management:

  • 1. What is garbage and what do we know about it 
  • 2. Second life for stuff - an upcycling workshop
  • 3. Less waste, is it possible? 
  • 4. Making homemade soap -a practical workshop.  

Another activity in the project was aimed at raising awareness about butterfly extinction, especially in urban areas  – as a symbolic gesture, children made butterflies from used paper and decorated the city center with them.  As an output of the project, Ana created and printed a booklet for teachers in Dubasari to be able to use it as a guide during their thematic lessons and in extracurricular activities.  

The booklet in Russian only can be found here. For each workshop and activity there were around 18 to 23 participants involved.

 Where: Dubăsari, Transnistria

Mentor: Aina Idrisova

Informational campaign for new cyclists

Team: Diana Nastas

With the pandemic and the quarantine, more and more people started using their bikes as a means of transportation in  Chisinau, and in order to catch the wave of change, Diana decided to work with the newly converted bike riders and created a survey for them, to understand their learning needs. As a result of the survey, Diana organized a workshop for cyclists in Chisinau.

The event was part of the European Mobility Week and it was in a synergy with the Chisinau Fancy Women Bike Ride. During the workshop, 3 bike experts, including a mechanic gave an introduction in bike maintenance and care, as well as answered the audience’s questions.  

Around 25 people took part in the event. 

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Vladimir Ternavschi

ECOLORA – Festival ecologic

Team: Ligia Sergiu, Denis Rusu

Ecolora was an ecological festival in the middle of the forest near the Danube shore. It was organized with the collaboration of local authorities and other enterprises, which Ligia and her team managed to convince to support the project. 70 adults and 15 children spent 3 days in nature, participated in workshops about healthy and sustainable eating, learned about responsible waste management, composting, pollution etc.

After the festival, as a follow up activity, festival participants and other interested citizen participated in 2 cleaning events of the Danube shore.  

Where: Galati, Romania

Mentor: Elena Ciochina

We are the fruits of one tree

Team: Marina Blaja, Dumitru Garabajiu

Inspired by the Shared Economy subject in activEco, Marina decided to tackle food waste and social isolation in one go. Seeing as many fruit trees in Chisinau are wasted and no one uses their fruits, and many old people don’t have enough economical resources for buying vegetables and fruits, marina involved the neighborhood kids and teenagers as a volunteering team to find the fruit trees and collect them for the elderly. 

Around 17 children and teenagers were the fruit collecting team and 30 people benefited from the collected fruits. All in all, it was a lesson in collaboration and sharing.  

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Ecaterina Tarus

Thematic Picnic: Renewable energy

Team: Olesea Raim, Mihai Darie, Anastasia Filipascu

Olesea decided to make an impact in her immediate community and invited her friends to a picnic with the subject of Renewable Energy. 15 participants took part in the picnic, they had the possibility to reconnect in nature as well as to explore the subject of renewables in a more informal atmosphere.

The picnic was organized without single use plastic and had the goal to plant a seed of cultural shift in attitudes towards friend gatherings and energy and the environment. 

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Julian Groeger

Refuse, Reuse – Promote

Team: Adriana Negru

Adriana’s project was about raising awareness about the harm of plastic bags and promoting a culture of using tote bags, as well as consciously refusing plastic bags. She started with a lesson about plastic bags in the village school where she lives and where her sister teaches. After the lesson children, parents and teachers came together for 2 follow-up practical events – workshops for upcycling and decorating fabric bags. The participants were invited to bring buttons, ribbons, glitter and anything they can find in their homes lying around and to decorate bags with them. The activity was a big success as it brought together these three worlds – of the parents, the teachers and the pupils.  

Where: s. Neculaieuca, r.Orhei, Moldova

Mentor: Tacu Elena

ASMR – Traditional Cuisine

Team: Alina Marina, Ilona Spetsiev

After the Sustainable Nutrition seminar, Alina & Ilona decided that traditional Moldovan cuisine can benefit from quality promotion, and they used the ASMR technique to do it in 3 videos. This technique is often described as a form of audio-visual meditation as it emphasizes the beauty of ordinary sounds when cooking. An innovation for the Moldovan online space – the videos total view count is over 6000. The girls used only locally grown ecological products and the stars in the videos are grandmas sharing their recipes for traditional staple Moldovan foods – what’s not to love? Especially when there are English captions and subtitles for everyone to be able to enjoy and replicate the recipe.  

You can head out to the facebook playlist and enjoy them here.  

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Alina Timosenco

Velo-Vesta – #biciclezcutreaba

Team: Ana Maria Popa

Ana is an activist that can always be seen on her bike, understanding that autumn and winter bring about shorter day light, she decided it would be a great opportunity to make sure that more bicyclists in Chisinau have proper reflecting vests to wear. The vests received a design made by a local designer who is also a bike person.  

With her Alternative Mobility working group, they launched the challenge #biciclezcutreaba, which literally means “riding my bike to get chores done”. The challenge grew beyond public workers who were challenged to ride a full week to work on their bikes and other people picked it up. The challenge participants posted pictures with them and their bike and used the hashtag. In the end, Ana gave the vests among the participants, and the hashtag, well it still lives on.  

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Julian Groeger

Zero waste Fest

Team: Tanea Chalov, Maria Gavrilchenko

Tanea’s project was inspired by a vision of an ecological festival for all ages, a combination of local ecological products and workshops on ecological subjects. With the pandemic closing in and creating challenges, Tanea had to adapt her plan and her vision. In the end, there was a common action of cleaning the shore of river Nistru, together with the locals, and the next day the Zero Waste Fest took place. During the Fest several subjects related to critical consumption, upcycling and recycling were addressed through workshops and master classes, with guest speakers and experts. All in all, around 380 people participated in the Festival and 2000 people were indirectly impacted through media promotion and coverage, with two local news portals covering the event. (first and second media coverage) 

Where: Bender, Transnistria, Moldova

Mentor: Ana Ereshkova


Team: Marina Skaletski, Tacu ELena-Madina, Calaraș Maxim

Marina was inspired after the offline Impulse Seminar and together with her team from STUDEM – an youth center in Balti – decided to educate and empower a group of young people from her city. 15 young people joined the informal Eco Club and took part in 3 trainings with the subjects: Sustainable Nutrition, Critical Consumption, Waste Management. Marina involved the alumni network of activEco to get the speakers for the first 3 sessions and applied nonformal methods to her meetings, emphasizing group forming.

As it stands, the EcoClub is now an united group of young people, passionate about the environment and ready to take action.  

Where: Bălți, Moldova

Mentor: Tacu Elena

Accessible info on waste sorting in Chisinau

Team: Maria Burunducova

Maria’s project was quite simple on paper – get an informational poster about sorting waste in Chisinau in as many public trolleybuses as possible. First of all, Maria created an online survey to test how informed people were about the waste management system in Chisinau and learned that the majority thought there was a lack of information. 

 However after she had created the posters she had to deal with the bureaucracy of the public institutions in Chisinau – as it turned out, the biggest challenge of all. After a long process of back and forth, the posters found their way in the trolleybuses and now thousands of people get to be informed about the options of waste management in Chisinau and why it matters.  

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Vladimir Ternavschi

An ENERGY efficient administration

Team: Vladislav Golban

Vladislav decided to help the local administrative building from his village to become more energy efficient, and thus, reduce the costs for electricity and free up some budget for other local necessities. For that, Vladislav changed all bulbs to LEDs and informed public workers as well as other locals about the energy saving recommendations by distributing leaflets. As a result of his project, the energy footprint of the administration building got smaller and hopefully people in the village will accept the example of their own ”primaria” (mayor’s office). However it was an interesting observation from Vladislav that his projections for cost savings were bigger then in reality, and after some analysis it turned out that people were turning off the lights less often due to the fact that they are LEDs, and use less energy and money.  

Where: s. Cărbuna, Ialoveni

Mentor: Tacu Elena

Green Classroom

Team: Alexei Pianih

The pandemic brought up many necessities that needed to be addressed, and Alexey together with his team took that challenge on. The green classroom is a space for extracurricular, nonformal educational activities for school pupils from the Chiperceni village. It was built with the help of volunteers, pupils and included reusing of old wood for the roof. The goal is to engage alumni of the school in returning to the school to offer workshops for the pupils, as well as have a safe space to use during warm seasons for extracurricular activities with already collaborating organizations. Alexei has involved the local community around this idea: the local administration, Orhei’s Fondul de Tineret, as well as the alumni network. The work is still going on, as the classroom is not yet ready. We are looking forward to the moment when it will be launched. 

Where: s.Chiperceni, Orhei, Moldova

Mentor: Julian Groeger

Be a hero – sort waste!

Team: Nicoleta Stavila

Nicoleta put together a team of young inspired people and together they took on the challenge of convincing the people in her village to collect plastic separately. For that, a lot of synergy between local administration, school, local businesses and villagers had to be created, and the team managed to do just that. In the span of a month a thorough informational campaign was held in the village, each household received sturdy big bags for keeping the plastic, rope to tie them, printed information on how to properly prepare the plastic for recycling and a tote bag to make the transition to less non-recyclable plastics. Additionally, they created a system of monthly plastic evacuation with the help of the local administration. So now every household in Hirtop village can sort plastic waste and have it evacuated for recycling. 

The work is an ongoing process of communication with the villagers, and hopefully Hirtop will become a practical example for other villages.

Where: s. Hirtopul Mare, Moldova

Mentor: Vladimir Ternavschi

Climate change and Land use

Team: Iulia Kovaleova

Iulia set out to translate the free use videos from IPCC, and started with the Special Report on Climate Change and Land. Together with volunteers they auditioned for the right voice, discussed the climate change and land use connection and finally after the video was finished it was proposed for viewing and discussion with the youth visiting the Youth Center in Falesti City. After the discussions, a part of the youth rethought their eating habits and started leaning towards a more plant based diet, which is more sustainable for the planet. Around 30-40 people were informed directly through the video and around 1500 through the online viewing of the video. 

You can find the video here.  

Where: Falesti, Moldova

Mentor: Tacu Elena