Projects – answers to the activEco 2019 challenges

  1. ”Composting in the Block” | Team – Mihaela Peștereanu, Grigore Fiodorov; Chișinău, Moldova
  2. ”Know your neighbors” | Team – Adelina Ceban, Daniela Garuța; Chișinău, Moldova
  3. ”Eco Good” |  Team – Veronica Ternavschi, Aleona Zolotitskaya, Dmitri Volosiuk; or. Tiraspol, Transnistria
  4. ”Green Meet-Ups” | Team – Alina Timoșenco, Anastasia Bahu, Natalia Ciobanu, Alexandra Popov; Chișinău, Moldova
  5. ”Find Your Zero Iași” | Team – Paula Iliev, Elena Alexandra Bălan;  Iași, România
  6. ”Green Offices Moldova” | Team – Veronica Coroi, Natalia Ivanov; Chișinău, Moldova
  7. ”ODIZH” | Team: Vasyl Adamchuk, Rostyslava Martyniuk, Volodymyr Halipchak; IvanoFrankivsk, Ukraine
  8. ”Find Your Zero Ungheni” | Team – Ariana Vlas, Paula Iliev; Ungheni, Moldova
  9. ”Books for Good Deeds” | Team – Olga Ieșeanu, Irina Tiron, Alina Papanea; Cahul, Moldova
  10. ”Remove Loneliness” | Team – Evelina Velijenco, Denis Curciuc; Fălești, Moldova
  11. ”In Harmony with Nature” | Team – Polina Jeleascov; district Șoldănești, vill. Poiana, Moldova
  12. ”Green Teens” | Team – Maxim Volosciuc, Sergiu Vrabie, Alexandru Jantovanu, Cătălina Hincu; Bălți, Moldova
  13. ”Informed means Protected” | Team – Ana-Maria Vatamaniuc; Drochia, Moldova
  14. ”Pohrebea & Around” | Team – Alexandru Ivanov, Mihaela Buzgan, Dumitru Solonari; Pohrebea village, district Dubăsari, Moldova
  15. ”Make it harmonious and beautiful” | Team – Victor Damaschin, Ivan Rabei; Chișinău, Moldova
  16. ”Eco Radar Hârtop” | Team – Rusanda Alexandru Curcă, Lidia and Olga Curcă; Hârtop village, Cimișlia, Moldova
  17. ”Eco-Friends” | Team – Muravitskaya Victoria, Statkevich Bogdan, Morskaya Anastasia, Bilyk Roman; Kiev, Ukraine
  18. ”Eco-Story” | Team – Aliona Taukchi, NAdejda Kuleva; Chadyr-Lunga, Moldova

Know your Neighbors

Team: Adelina Ceban, Daniela Garuța

We live in times when we have the opportunity to be as connected as possible, and yet, often we don’t even know our neighbors, or if we do know them – the connection with them ends on a dry Hello. Wanting to change the situation, Adela and Daniela joined forces to connect a block of tenants and begin the process of transforming their relationship from formal neighbors into a community of people. As part of the activEco project, the team gathered over 60 residents and invited them to dialogue to determine the common needs of the block residents and the corresponding actions. As a result, the dialogue between the neighbors was opened, a working group was organized and a common communication platform was found.

Where: Chișinău, Moldova

Mentor: Elena Tacu


Team: Veronica Ternavschi, Alena Zolotitskaya, Dmitri Volosiuc

On August 28, in Tiraspol correctional boarding school for deaf children, an environmental project “Eco Good” was carried out with the support of the volunteer organizations «Поможем Вместе», «Народное Действие» and «Законник».

As part of the project, the children took part in an ecological quest, during which they learned a lot about the flora and fauna, as well as what impact people have on nature.

Together with team members they discussed the problem of waste management and recycling, and also took part in a workshop on painting Eco bags, where they learned that everyone can draw! During the event, all children received a charge of positive emotions and as a result were awarded diplomas and gifts.

More pictures here.

Where: Tiraspol, Transnistria

Mentor: Aina Idrisova

Green Meet-ups

Team: Alina Timoșenco, Anastasia Bahu, Natalia Ciobanu, Alexandra Popov

Green MeetUps is a mini project that aims to increase the vegan community in the Republic of Moldova, due to the vegan lifestyle being friendlier to the environment than meat eating. The girls in the team organized joint events where participants can exchange experiences, information, but also vegan dishes. Within this project we managed to organize 3 events. Each of the events was made up of 2 parts, a common table where guests were invited to participate with dishes, either prepared at home or already ready, or fruits / vegetables. The second part of the event is about the educational side – eg. Running a movie with the theme of raising animals for meat – “Okja” and discussing it, playing the educational game of KeepCool society, promoting the ideas of the community that has sustainable aspirations. At the events were present from small to large, people between the ages of 3 and 40+ years.

Where: Chișinău, Moldova

Mentor: Alexandra Buga

Find Your Zero Iași

Team: Paula Iliev, Elena Alexandru Bălan

The heart of the Faculty of Biology, Iași – an informative meeting was organized for a group of 20 students from the specialization Ecology and Environmental Protection. The topics addressed were: Circular economy, consumerism, civic activism, development options in the field of environmental protection and human ecology. It was a networking event with passionate environmental entrepreneurs from Iași who shared their stories and motivation behind the businesses, at the same time they received the vision of the generation that traced them, answered the questions of the young people and offered them advice and even the opportunity to collaborate. A young activist and member of an environmental organization who taught the students to make their voice heard and to bring change through the choices they make. Several local environmentally friendly initiatives were presented, but non-formal education exercises were also conducted to explain the basic of the event. It was a an impulse event for future graduates and actors in the field of environmental protection.

Where: Iași, România

Mentor: Ecaterina Țăruș


Team: Vasyl Adamchuk, Rostyslava Martyniuk, Volodymyr Halipchak

“Do you know how cool it is to teach others?

The Charitable Organization “NEBAIDUZHI” team completed an ecological project “ODIZH” to teach children in schools in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) about how can a more conscious attitude towards our clothes protect the environmet.

The team attended 4 schools in Ivano-Frankivsk and taught more than 250 children about the current ecological challenges, and made an emphasis on the textile industry and ways in which it pollutes. Kids learned about the harm of burning trash and clothes, about the need for sorting, about why it’s so important today.

The kids loved these lessons because the lessons were taught not by ordinary teachers, but by young students. That is why they were extremely interested and had a lot of questions and ideas!

”How to prevent environmental problems?” says Vasyl,  ”Let’s teach children not to repeat our mistakes!” Visit the facebook group for more info and photos from the project.

Where: IvanoFrankivsk, Ukraine

Green Offices Moldova

Team: Veronica Coroi, Maria Ivanov

The Green Offices Moldova project aimed at greening the office of the Center for Independent Journalism and informing colleagues about environmentally friendly practices. The employees opted for sustainable options in the activity of the organization, reduced the consumption of tableware and cutlery disposable, sorted and collected the recyclable waste. In order to understand the efficient way of sorting, a session on waste and sorting was organized, supported by Cătălina Hasnaș, coordinator of Hai Moldova, who answered the team’s questions. In order to acquire these practices, infographics were placed with the most important tips in the office. With the support of Torbesc team, the old banners of the Center will be transformed into eco bags to be used by the team.

Where: Chișinău, Moldova

Mentor: Julian Groeger

Find your Zero Ungheni

Team: Ariana Vlas, Paula Iliev

Find your Zero Ungheni organized, in August, in Novateca, the “Dimitrie Cantemir” District Library, a workshop on zero waste. This workshop touched on several topics such as: the impact that humankind has on the planet, sustainability and eco alternatives in everyday life. During the event, participants had the opportunity to experience the effects of the negative impact that man creates through the game Amazonian Forest. At the same time, they discovered the concept of sustainability and learned about the alternatives that we can introduce in our lives. At the end of the event, the organizers spoke about the impact that the production and consumption of meat and sugar has on both the environment and the human body. Finally, the participants were able to delight themselves with plantbased food with a positive impact on the environment and health.

Where: Ungheni, Moldova

Mentor: Ecaterina Tarus

Books for Good Deeds

Team: Olga Ieseanu, Irina Tiron, Alina Papanea

The social project Books for Good Deeds has visited the south of Moldova as well, and more specifically – Cahul. Olga Ieseanu, together with the NGO Cives Cahulum, attempted to implement a more unusual event in their home town. So, together with volunteers they have sold books, not for money, but for good deeds. 50 people from different generations had the opportunity to interact with a different worldview, one in which money is not indispensable, but human connections are, and the good actions that come from them. 

The goal of this action is to grow trust among people and to offer an alternative, shared economy to the classical type. 

And if we quote our alumna, ”Good Actions Make Good People. ”

For more pictures, click here.

Where: Cahul, Moldova

Composting in the Block

Team: Mihaela Peștereanu, Grigore Fiodorov

Did you know that the damage that organic waste produces can be compared with plastic waste? Well, the Compost La Bloc team decided to deal with this issue at its core. While living in an apartment, it would seem difficult to compost, but with the help of Bokashi, this process is much easier, and most importantly – odorless, because composting occurs under anaerobic conditions. With the support of the Ask a worm and Seed it Forward initiatives, Mihaela – the leader of the Compost at Bloc team managed to install several composting points for organic waste in Chisinau and raise awareness for several families and inspire them to start composting food waste. As part of this project, an important aspect is the development of the community culture, through the use and care of a common space and the participation of 19 citizens in the separation of organic and mixed waste. Compost at the Block is to be further developed. If you wish to learn more about composting, click here.

Where: Chișinău, Moldova

Mentor: Eugen Guzun

Remove Loneliness

Team: Evelina Velijenco, Denis Curciuc

The project “Eliminate Loneliness” consisted of three stages, starting with an event in a children’s summer camp on relevant topics such as “Human Values”, “Generation Gap” with the participation of professional psychologists, police and volunteers who provided their assistance throughout the project . In the second stage of the project, a group with essential goods visited the elderly at home, for whom the arrival of the team was an opportunity to talk about their life, youth and good memories. The third stage of the project included the creation of the “Come to the park with your grandmother” campaign, which was supposed to “create a bridge between the generation gap”.  At this event, an exhibition of drawings and origami, coloring competitions, an experiment, dancing and a flashmob, where the children gathered with their parents, grandparents, were organized. This project helped to draw attention to pressing problems of public life, as well as strengthen human values like family and friendship.

Where: Fălești, Moldova

Mentor: Vladimir Ternavschi

In harmony with nature

Team: Jeleascov Polina

The project In Harmony with Nature was done in collaboration with Art Labyrinth during the Summer Fest which hosted around 2000 guests. The objective of the project was to raise awareness among the festival guests about the waste problem, and to ensure a selective waste management with a team of volunteers. Thus, 20 selective waste collection points were installed, with information panels, and 20 composting points were arranged. Moreover, in the makeshift WCs there were points for collecting intimate hygiene items (diapers, wet wipes, menstrual pads). In addition, a lesson about the zero waste movement was organized, with Elena Tacu as speaker, from Tinerii Pentru EcoPlastic. Participants explored the concept of Zero Waste and Low Waste and daily actions that can have a positive or negative impact on the whole world. 

Where: Șoldănești, Poiana, Moldova

Mentor: Elena Tacu

Green Teens

Team: Maxim Volsciuc, Sergiu Vrabie, Alexandru Jantovanu, Cătălina Hincu 

In the period May-July 2019, the Green Teens project was implemented in Bălți. As part of the project, a number of activities were carried out with the aim of changing the attitude of city residents to environmental problems. One of the most important events was a three-day training in a wild forest on the banks of the Nistru River. For 3 days, the participants worked on the identification and resolution of environmental problems. In parallel, the “Buy without plastic” challenge was held, which proved that a person can live without this material. An important workshop was on sewing eco bags, which were sewn as an alternative to using plastic bags.

Where: Bălți, Moldova

Mentor: Iulia Liulica

Informed means Protected

Team: Ana-Maria Vatamaniuc, Consiliul Raional Tineret Drochia

During the summer vacation Vatamaniuc Ana-Maria, together with the Drochia District Youth Council launched the project Informed means Protected. Within it, non-formal education activities such as informative hours in sexual and reproductive health, online security, etc. were organized and facilitated.

Also, the project created a close cohesion between young people by organizing social games and discussions afterwards.  The message of this project is that involving and informing young people is an investment in our common future.

Where: Drochia, Moldova

Mentor: Elena Tacu

Pohrebea & Around

Team: Alexandru Ivanov, Mihaela Buzgan, Dumitru Solonari

The Pohrebea & Around project was initiated to form a platform where the participants from the village and the city, united in common activities and through its diversity (age, gender, awareness, experiences, knowledge)  create a common atmosphere in which everyone has the opportunity to learn something new.

The program included collective work activities in the interest of society (volunteering) and recreation (picnic and excursion). Participants cleaned the local well, the space adjacent to it  and the school’s volleyball court, they organized an “expedition” on the island of Nistru River. The guide of the expedition was Dumitru, 16 years old, local boy, with unique experience.

Where: Pohrebea, Dubăsari, Moldova

Mentor: Elena Tacu

Make it harmonious and beautiful

Team: Victor Damaschin, Ivan Rabei

Passionate about harmonious education of children and environmental protection, Victor and Ivan from FabLab Moldova organized a series of practical workshops for children. Children learned and tried creative methods of using industrial wood processing wastes. The boys in the team announced a competition for the best ideas to show respectful attitude towards the production materials.

The main target audience of the events were the children. They became acquainted with the activity of the production equipment and the possibilities of saving materials during the design and manufacture of wood and plywood products. They made toys and souvenirs from plywood scraps using a laser machine. The participants in the workshop, children aged 5-12, learned to polish and paint various toys and objects made of wood and plywood.

The workshop aimed to interest children with the idea that any piece of wood or other material can be used wisely and therefore we can reduce the negative impact on the environment around Earth’s biosphere.

Where: Chișinău, Moldova

Mentor: Victor Bujoreanu

EcoRadar – Hârtop

Team: Rusanda Alexandru Curca

EcoRadar Hîrtop is an ecological educational project, which aims to inform people living in Hîrtop village about the sustainable management of plant waste in rural regions. During the project, together with Gabriela Isac,  Rusanda disseminated informative materials about the management of the fallen leaves,  she launched an information campaign through the village and organized an open lesson together with the 9th graders from the Hîrtop Gymnasium, about what to do with the autumn leaves. The lesson was facilitated by Vasile Niculiță, the director of Ecopardis, eco activist and community activist. Vasile spoke to the pupils about his model of business and the growth of organic vegetables, about the good practices of using vegetable waste when creating compost and about the activities they organize for the development of the community in which he lives.

Where: Hîrtop, Cimișlia, Chișinău

Mentor: Gabi Isac

Eco – Friends

Team: Muravitskaya Victoria, Statkevich Bogdan, Morskaya Anastasia, Bilyk Roman

A team of 6 volunteers, 10 pupils and 5 students taught children in kindergarten and summer camps to be environmentally friendly. Children developed skills of rational use of natural resources, communication, and handicrafts; they learned how to use alternative energy sources in everyday life, how and why it is necessary to sort garbage, what can be done with things that are not needed, what to do with fallen leaves, why it is so important to save water, how air is polluted and how hazardous substances migrate from soil into vegetables and more.

10 thematic classes were held in the ”Chervona Kalina” club, 15 classes in the ”Mandrik” kindergarten, 3 basic classes in the ”Siloah” children’s camp. The team of Eco-Friends participated in 3 festivals (2 national and 1 local in Kiev), during which they shared basic knowledge on ecology. All in all, the project activities involved more than 500 children.

Where: Kiev, Ukraine

Mentor: Tacu Elena


Team: Aliona Taukchi, Kuleva Nadejda

The team of Eco Story conducted one training and several discussions, in direct cooperation with the NGO Pharos, in the city of Chadyr-Lunga. During the training, the video “Story of Stuff” was shown, during and after which there was an active discussion related, respectively, to the theme of the project – conscious consumption.

A few days after this event, there was a clean-up organized. The idea was put forward by enthusiastic participants at the training, who got inspired to get more active in the field of ecology.

Where: Ciadir-Lunga, Moldova

Mentor: Gabi Isac