Projects-answers to activEco Challenges 2018:

  1. “The Clean Green Team” | Team: Valentin Botezatu, Ioana Bunescu, Lilian Sarjan – vil. Saharna Veche, Rezina district, Moldova
  2. “EcoYOUth” | Team: Annastasia Provozina – Leordoaia village, Calarasi district, Moldova
  3. “Bălţi Municipality – a renovated locality starts with you” | Team: Angela Edu – Bălți, Moldova
  4. “Bozieni – a clean village” | Team: Elena Tacu, Mariana Blagadorenco – vil. Bozieni, Hincesti district, Moldova
  5. “Try It” | Team: Alexandra Buga, Alexandra Popov, Olga Pânzari, Mehria Mohammadi – Chisinau and village Tipova, Resina district, Moldova
  6. “World In Love” | Team: Olga Emilianova – Chisinau, Moldova
  7. “Public Speaking” | Team: Marius Guțu – Bălți, Moldova
  8. “Integration through recycling” | Team: Tatiana Seul – Chisinau, Moldova
  9. “EcoProject Sângera” | Team: Daniel Tentiuc – town Sângera, Chisinau municipality, Moldova
  10. “TurBine” | Team: Vladimir Ternavschi, Alexandra Girleanu, Anna Stratulat, Serghei Balta – Chisinau, Moldova
  11. “Composting boxes for village Sireti” | Team: Vasile Niculiță – vil. Sireți, Strășeni district, Moldova
  12. “Open Library in Riscani park” | Team: Olga Antonova, Vitalie Voznoi – Chisinau, Moldova
  13. “Tree School (Greening Campaign)” | Team: Laurențiu Mutruc, Iulia Liulica, Olga Rusu, Ruslan Petelca, Constantin Melnic – Bălți, Moldova
  14. “Planting by the lake” | Team: Iulia Liulica, Laurențiu Mutruc, Ruslan Petelca, Constantin Melnic – Bălți, Moldova
  15. “Planting in schoolyard with love and friendship” | Team: Irina Fîstîcan – vil. Vărzărești, Nisporeni district, Moldova

The Clean Green Team

Team: Valentin Botezatu, Ioana Bunescu, Lilian Sarjan

The ”Clean Green Team” project was planned and realized by a team strongly believing that trash does not belong to the natural environment. Thus, they organized a complex of educational and civic activism actions for 11 young people from Chisinau and village Saharna Veche – an example of how you can spend a weekend outside of the city, actively, without affecting nature and, more than that, by rehabilitating the places visited by irresponsible tourists. The waste collected by the participants was then transported to Chisinau to be recycled into new, useful and more durable objects.

You will find more photos here.

Where:vil. Saharna Veche, Rezina district, Moldova

Mentor: Ecaterina Țăruș


Team: Annastasia Provozina

Being a member of the organizing team of the International Summer Academy “The Sources of Tolerance, Moldova-2018” (July 19-30), Annastasia wanted to make this event greener through her project EcoYOUth.

So, from 23 to 28 July, she held 6 sessions on ecology and urbanism, in which participants – adolescents from Moldova and Ukraine – learned about global environmental problems and their consequences (especially if these problems are not tackled), how to be more eco-friendly in everyday life, and painted eco-bags for their own use. They also learned which ecological and urban projects are now happening in the world, in Moldova and Ukraine, and after that wrote their own project applications for participation in the project contest from the Center for Non-Formal Education “Diversity”. All 4 projects that won and received funding were written by participants that took part in ecosessions. Moreover, Annastasia replaced the disposable cups used by the Academy with reusable ones, reducing the amount of single-use plastic significantly.

Where: Leordoaia village, Calarasi district, Moldova

Mentor: Gabriela Isac

Bălţi Municipality – a renovated locality starts with you

Team: Angela Edu

The project “Bălţi Municipality – a renovated locality starts with you” was launched with the purpose of renovating the fountain near the Bell Tower and the “Saint Nicholas” Episcopal Cathedral. It has been implemented due to the consolidated actions of the project working group, local public administration of Balti Municipality, representatives of the business environment and civil society. What has been done:

  • creation of an initiative group and a fundraising campaign 
  • installation of a new pumping system, prophylaxis of water and new pavement
  • contest “Best Sketch” for a new design and elaboration of a new architectural project for the fountain

The renovation of the fountain has assured the creation of a healthy, comfortable environment and safe access to drinking water right in the heart Bălţi Municipality, for an unlimited number of citizens and guests of the municipality. Moreover, the project has led to increased awareness in the local community about benefits of the direct and indirect involvement in the urban development processes.

Where: Bălți, Moldova

Mentor: Maria Axenti

Bozieni – a clean village

Team: Elena Tacu, Mariana Blagadorenco

The village Bozieni is similar to many villages in Moldova – some people are leaving, some are staying, few are caring about the environment and even fewer are ready to do something. Elena and Mariana teamed up and planned a series of ecological activities for August, when most people return to the village for summer.

Despite many challenges, they managed to organize a successful workshop with 20 children (7-11 years old) from the village. The children learned about the ecological challenges and the ways to tackle them, about the fact that “home” extends farther than just their house and garden, and how everything on the planet is connected.

Moreover, the team attempted to raise awareness by cleaning up the main street and talking to the people passing by. Then, they cleaned one illegal dumping place in the forest, removing around 300 kg of trash, which was transported to an authorized landfill.

You can find more photos here.

Where: vil. Bozieni, Hincesti district, Moldova

Mentor: Antonela Secureanu

Try It

Team: Alexandra Buga, Alexandra Popov, Olga Pânzari, Mehria Mohammadi

The team of the TRY IT project got together at the Impulse seminar and decided they wanted to bring awareness of a more sustainable lifestyle. For that, they organized two events:

1) The Vegan Party, organized on 10 August at the Art-Labyrinth space, which was a great success. The organizers and participants learned about the history of vegetarianism, prepared simple and tasty raw food dishes, had a presentation and a round of Q&A with an expert in the field of nutrition, and enjoyed the magical gift from the event partner – a vegan cake from the Dulcinella company. The guests of the event, who were about 50 people, were more than satisfied, providing only positive feedback and stating the need for more similar events.

2) A hike from village Tipova to village Bychushca, happening in the last weekend of summer (26-27.08.18) and meant to be a wonderful experience of communication with the nature and oneself. The idea behind it was simple – people have become stuck in their gadgets and the plastic bags of the consumerist society, and they completely lost touch with nature. The 12 participants were invited to get equipped with tents, backpacks and sleeping bags, and go for a small hike. The hikers went through thorns and learned all the varieties of corn dried under the sun, climbed hills with backpacks on their backs, cooked on a campfire, admired the full moon and learned to hear the voice of nature. You can find more photos from the hike here.

Where: Chisinau and village Tipova, Resina district, Moldova

Mentor: Cristian Novicov

World In Love

Team: Olga Emilianova 

Olga is passionate about dogs and concerned about the problem of integrating people with disabilities in society. Her project, ”World in Love”, was meant to demonstrate that people with disabilities are able to work, same as ”normal” people.  

During autumn 2018, Olga managed to involve about 5 young people with Down syndrome, who had lessons on walking dogs, playing with them, giving commands. Then, the ”students” got opportunities to walk dogs as a job – to get money for that. 

Thus, young people with Down syndrome not only spent time developing their language and motor skills, but also understood that they can work, become braver, and shared this positive motivation with their parents. Moreover, the project was just the beginning – the World in Love initiative continues to demonstrate that people with disabilities can work and fulfill their tasks quite well, can be part of the society. 

You can find more about all this on Facebook – World in Love – or on video: Diferiți, dar la fel.

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentors: Anastasia Costisanu, Gabriela Isac

Public Speaking

Team: Marius Guțu

Passionate about public speaking, Marius strongly believes that oratory skills are key for young people to assert themselves and to create a successful / sustainable future.

Therefore, his project ”Public Speaking” consisted of informing students from lyceums ”Mihai Eminescu” and ”Vasile Alecsandri” from Balti about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and self-development through public speaking, as well as about concrete steps for doing it.

The activities took place in between September 11-14, 2018, and marked first steps for about 120 pupils from IX-XI grades towards perfecting their oratory skills.

Where: Balți town, Moldova

Mentor: Gabriela Isac

Integration through recycling

Team: Tatiana Seul

Tatiana dreams of developing a social initiative that would provide people with mental disabilities with means of adapting and integrating in society. Her activEco project offered her the framework for piloting this initiative. Working at the Psychiatric Hospital in Chisinau, Tatiana decided to involved a group of people undergoing coercive treatment in ergo-therapeutic (occupational therapy) activities. During the month of September, she decorated a special room and held a number of workshops, during which 7 patients manually created over 250 ecological paper bags.

The bags were exhibited and donated at IarmarEco 2018, in order to promote the initiative and its ideas. Tatiana is very encouraged by this experience and has gained confidence to apply for larger grants. 

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Sorina Cerneavschi

EcoProject Sângera

Team: Daniel Tentiuc 

Passionate about permaculture, Daniel wanted to organize excursions through ecological projects around Moldova for the youth from his locality, to raise their interest towards environment and to involve them in creation of an ecological & touristic site in Sângera forest. However, within activEco he had to adapt his ideas to limited time and resources, and so developed ”EcoProject SângerA” as preparation for the future.

So, in August-October 2018, Daniel held a series of ecolessons for 70 students of the Lyceum ”Alexandru cel Bun” from Sângera, using powerpoints, books, videos, games, etc. Pupils of the second grade learned how the forest functions and how these principles can be applied to everyday life. Pupils of the twelfth grade learned of sustainable development, discussing the necessity of making changes on personal level. 

Now, Daniel is studying Management of natural and agrotouristic resources in Romania, dreaming of bringing this new knowledge home, to the youth of Sângera. 

Where: town Sângera, Chisinau municipality, Moldova

Mentors: Gabriela Isac, Eugen Guzun


Team: Vladimir Ternavschi, Alexandra Girleanu, Anna Stratulat, Serghei Balta

The “TurBine” project was developed by activists in urbanism and plastic recycling (initiative Youth for EcoPlastic), so their goal was to improve one of Chisinau courtyards by installing several functional objects made of recycled plastic.  

The project activities included meetings with residents of several yards in order to choose the most suitable one, designing a bench and a sphere with lamp and hand-operated electric generator (for games or illuminating a gazebo). The plastic for producing the objects was collected by the residents and during the cleanup activities. Finally, a colorful bench for kids was installed, for use and as a reminder about waste sorting – for if you sort and recycle, then your waste can become something new, useful and beautiful. Over 400 people were involved or learned about this project.  

The TurBine team is happy and plans to continue by creating and installing the second object – with time. 

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Iurie Nuca

Composting boxes for village Sireti

Team: Vasile Niculiță

By profession, Vasile is an ecological inspector, and in everyday life – a husband, a father and a small farmer in the village Draguseni, Hincesti district. He practices permaculture, learns from experience and shares his products and knowledge with others through the Ecoparadis initiative. And, of course, he attempts to raise awareness among the people in the village about not burning vegetable waste.

On November 1, 2018, Vasile brought his knowledge to the village of Sireti, Straseni, where he taught 30 Moldovan and Latvian students (the latter being there in an experience exchange within an ERASMUS project), how valuable organic waste is, why it should not be dumped or and burned. How instead of polluting the environment you can obtain precious compost to be used in the garden.

Vasile and his students built two 1.5m*1.5m*1.5m crates for composting leaves and other vegetable waste. The pupils learned how to deposit the vegetal remains properly in order to get a superior quality compost. 

Here you can find a video about this activity.

Where: vil. Sireți, Strășeni district, Moldova

Mentor: Gabriela Isac

Open Library in Riscani park

Team: Olga Antonova, Vitalie Voznoi

The goal of the project “Open Library in Riscani park” was to increase the attractiveness of the park, raise the number of people who read and also developing the social responsibility of the visitors.

The project included meetings and questionnaires for the people living in nearby houses and other park visitors, search for partners and sponsors, as well as several cleanups. Finally, on November 3, 2018, the open library was installed and officially opened, full of books and magazines in several languages, for kids and adults. For the winter the mini-library was removed, so that it didn’t suffer from weather, but it will come back in spring.  

This project showed the benefits of teamwork, and presented the park visitors with a new recreation spot. 

Where: Chisinau, Moldova

Mentor: Maria Popova

Tree School (Greening Campaign)

Team: Laurențiu Mutruc, Iulia Liulica, Olga Rusu, Ruslan Petelca, Constantin Melnic

The Țara Verde team has made two plantings together with the young generation to initiate them in the skill of sustainable planting – so it does not come to having to plant every year in the same place.

Planting at the Kindergarten: 20 children were active participants and they learned about the future trees, they touched and handled different seeds, out of which some were ready to plant, others had to be uncovered from their pod – to the children’s great joy. After examining the seeds, the pupils planted seeds in the tree nursery as well as saplings in spite of hard weather conditions.
The little ones were very impressed when they got to wear gloves twice as big as their hands. Burning with the energy of the planting, they were eager to share with their parents everything they learned about tree planting – the whys, the hows and the why nots.

Planting at the High School: Nearly 20 pupils of 10-12 grades participated and planted shoulder to shoulder for 3 hours. The planters had the full support of the school administration, which is promising for potential future events. The pupils were enthusiastic and open to learning the paths of sustainable planting.

Where: Bălți, Moldova

Mentors: Eugen Guzun, Gabriela Isac

Planting by the lake

Team: Iulia Liulica, Laurențiu Mutruc, Ruslan Petelca, Constantin Melnic

Where: Bălți, Moldova

Mentors: Eugen Guzun, Gabriela Isac

Planting in schoolyard with love and friendship

Team: Irina Fîstîcan

Having been abroad for several years, Irina Fistican returned from abroad to her native village and took up the position of Romanian language teacher at the gymnasium in the village of Vărzăreşti, Nisporeni. Determined to be actively involved in school life and community improvement, she organized a planting event with the attendance of the gymnasium students she teaches.

Thus, with the support of school management, Irina planted, together with 10 pupils of the school, 11 thuya seedlings and 35 smoke tree seedlings. Being the first attempt to coordinate a small project, obstacles and difficulties were encountered. However, the small project was an attempt to test the civic spirit and attitude towards community service among pupils and school management. And the planting itself proved to be a valuable investment in the aesthetic aspect of the gymnasium court in Vărzăreşti. Moreover, the success of this action has opened doors to a potential collaboration in the same direction with the school administration 🙂

Where: vil. Vărzărești, Nisporeni district, Moldova

Mentor: Anastasia Costisanu