Welcome the activEco projects in 2014

  • “Mai curat!” / ”Cleaner!” | Team: Petru Vinari & Mihaela Coada & Sorin Opinca;
  • “Beekeep” | Team: Alexandra Baltă & Dana Artiomov & Cristi Vlas;
  • “One-day eco-camp” | Team: Catalina Hasnas & Marina Blaja;
  • “Eco-Bag” | Team: Cristina Lazarev & Catherine Turcan;
  • “My first bag, my first Eco step” |Team: Lucilla Paterna & Paulina Krzysik & Gheorghe Zugravu;
  • “Through the Education to Life” | Team: Viorica Schiopu;
  • “A bag for Youth” | Team: Gabriela Nichifor;
  • “Iarba Urbană” / “Urban grass” in Chisinau | Team: Anfisa Voitenco & Taisia Camenscic & Daniela Luca & Maria Popova;
  • “Flow like a river. Like the Raut river” | Team: Constantin Rusu & Elena Scurtu;
  • “Green Education” | Team: Gabriela Isac.

Mai curat! | Team: Vinari Petru & Coada Mihaela.

park close to “city gates of Chisinau”

The team of the “Mai curat!” (“Cleaner!”) project consists of young people who love the nature and promote the values of healthy lifestyle and awareness of personal responsibility for the waste produced in daily life. “Mai curat!” project focused on two key actions, which involved young people of different ages and, more or less, different backgrounds. The first action took place on 9-17 of September in Budesti village, and started with open lessons for primary grades. The children discussed the waste of natural resources that affects the resilience of our environment, continued with the “forest game”, in order to observe our society’s habits and possibilities of sustainable development, and concluded the course with a cleanup action that gathered about 140 pupils. The second cleanup activity took place on 12th of October in a park close to the “Chisinau city gates”. As a result, large areas were freed from plastic garbage. The actions were also supported by other activEco participants like Gabi and Lucilla, as well as by local citizens, so it is planned to organise more and larger cleaning actions in various areas of Chisinau, inviting more people of different ages and from different environments.

“Beekeep” | Team: Alexandra Baltă & Dana Artiomov & Cristi Vlas.

The “Beekeep” project focused on creation of video spots with the purpose of dispelling the existing myths about the bees and raising awareness about the crucial role of bees in peoples’ life, about the utility of honey – “The Gold of Moldova” – in food, cosmetics, healthcare and other areas of life. The video clips were presented  and promoted at several schools, at National Association of Beekeepers and at IarmarEco, as well as made public on social networks,  channels and web news portals (Facebook, YouTube). The project has raised the interest of young people to beekeeping and encouraged the others to care about healthy nutrition and support of local producers. It is planned to translate the video spots into other languages and to continue presentations at schools.

5 lucruri care nu le ştiai despre Miere

One day eco-camp | Team: Catalina Hasnaş & Marina Blaja.

“One-day eco-camp” took place on August 30, 2014 in Chisinau and gathered together for one day children and teenagers to work in an interactive manner with ecological challenges and their possible solutions through workshops, animations, games and discussions. Together, the participants learned about ecological problems (such as greenhouse gases, water pollution, plastic bags’ and other plastic products’ impact etc.), took part in different practical activities that involved a lot of creativity and interaction, watched several short movies and enjoyed a common lunch prepared by the volunteers and parents. At the end of the day each child went home either with a personalized material bag, a wallet, a photo frame or a pen holder made by his/her own hands. Both Marina and Catalina have enjoyed working with children, as well as their first experiences in workshop facilitation, so they both plan to continue with similar activities in future.  More photos from the event on the activEco Facebook page.  

“Eco-Bag” | Team: Lazarev Cristina, Turcan Catherine

By means of the project “Eco-Bag” the young people from local communities were informed about the harmful effect of plastic bags on environment and were provided an alternative – eco-bags. In frames of the project were organized two informative seminars, workshops in sewing and decoration of eco-bags with children from Kamenka and Chiscareni villages. There was also launched a short informational campaign which included also announcements al local radio Chiscareni, promotion of EcoBags at local cultural festival and presentation of EcoBags as an alternative to plastic at local shops. The has also laid the foundation for fundraising for a future project of the team – decoration and planting of new trees in the central park of Chiscareni.

„My first bag, my first Eco step“|Team: Paterna Lucilla, Krzysik Paulina, Zugravu Gheorghe

The project „My first bag, my first Eco step” took place in the a center which hosts kids (3-12 years old) with disabilities and orphans or from vulnerable groups and families at risk. The main goal of organizers was to offer the children the possibility to make something by their own hands, to engage them to interactive and interesting activities and also to introduce them ecological topics. Activities have included name games, presentations and discussions about trash in their daily life and globally on the Earth as well as watching short movies and discussions. Finally the children have decorated textile bags for themselves and demonstrated the bags to the group, which made them happy. For Lucilla it was a challenge and at the same time a big achievement to work with small children in foreign language. This project involved an international team of volunteers and supporters from Italy, Poland, Moldova.

“A bag for Youth” | Team: Gabriela Nichifor

“A bag for Youth” was a workshop on ecobags for the visitors of IarmarEco 2014. While offering our participants a possibility for decorating and personalizing canvas bags, we also informed them about the negative ecological consequences of plastic bags we use in Moldova. So, the results of attending the workshop were both material – a bag that the person decorated him/herself with the assistance of artists, and intellectual – raised awareness on the impact each of us contributes to and can take action to reduce.

“Urban grass” in Chișinău | Team: Anfisa Voitenco & Camenscic Taisia & Daniela Luca & Maria Popova.

“Iarba Urbană” (“Urban Grass”) was an ambitious initiative to breathe new life into one of the abandoned territories in Chisinau, the square in front of the Chekhov Theatre. After about a month of intense preparation, the “Iarba Urbană” event itself was held on September 7, 2014, taking form of a one-day fair that offered the residents of Chisinau an incentive and an opportunity to learn more about healthy lifestyle in their environment, as well as presented them with a new public space, where they could come anytime to have a rest and meet up with friends. In a matter of hours the organizers, with the help of other activists, have decorated the space for exhibition, arranged colourful benches they had done from used pallets, hung hammocks, covered grass area with carpets and small chairs for children, as well as with sacs of hay, serving as large pillows. The event displayed local producers of hand-made eco-products (cosmetics, food, drinks, oils, herbs, etc.), as well as offered some relevant workshops (paperology, decorating eco-bags, planting herbs, etc), public lectures on conscientious parenting, set a vegetarian buffet. The fair was concluded late in the evening with a projection of the environmental movie “Home” on a wide screen. And what has remained of the event into the next days has not been trash, as it often happens after public events, but hand-made benches and flowerpots with medicinal and aromatic herbs, as well as drawings in the empty fountain – all for public use. Overall, “Iarba Urbană” fair was attended by more than 500 people, and has got a large media coverage. Its success, as well as positive feedback of participants inspires the organizers to continue with new editions of “Iarbă Urbana”. To keep in touch with all the amazing things that are prepared by this enthusiastic team, visit their Facebook page.

Flow like a river. Like a Raut river | Team: Constantin Rusu

The initial idea of the “Flow like a river. Like the Raut river” project was to organize a hiking tour along the Raut river. After overcoming different challenges (for example, the route on the map was much different from the real one) Constantan managed to gather a group of very motivated young people who were ready for adventures, and, finally, 3 “Eco-Trips” took place. While hiking for several days along the Raut river, young activists have met interesting people, who got involved in discussing environmental pollution, as well as several cleanups, removing garbage from two water springs, the river itself and the forest of Mandresti. The project has its own facebook page “Eco-Trip” and will continue into the future with new eco-trips through Moldova.

“Green Education” | Team: Gabriela Isac

What was planned as an unofficial number of “no less than five” ecological sessions with schoolchildren has turned out to be a series of thirteen informal sessions both in schools and universities. The former sessions, eleven in number, were based on topics such as “Water on the Earth: importance, pollution and protection”, “Consumption and Waste”, “Sustainable Development”, “Climate Change”, “Noise Pollution” etc., which were varied and adapted according to participants’ age (from 9 to 18). As a side branch of the project, two more sessions of “Climate Change + Sustainable Development = Cooperation” took place within the “Perspectiva-INT” University and the State University of Moldova. All of them were focused on interactivity, creativity, group work, diversity and discoveries. The total estimated number of directly reached people (including pupils and students, as well as teachers) was about 280. Due to the enthusiasm and hard work of Gabriela the project has continued even after the end of activEco year (the total number at the end of 2014 was 30 sessions, ~500 people, without counting repetitions, and two cities – Chisinau and Bender). More on activEco facebook.

“Through the Education to Life” | Team: Schiopu Viorica

By the project “Through the Education to Life” we intend to inform the students from Lyceum “I.Creanga” in Balti about the environmental situation and waste management. Also this project contributes to improvement of the level of educational process, through implementing visual and graphical methods. Involvement of youth in ecological events, like school exhibition and taking care of flowers, would allow us to change the way the youth perceive the Earth and the environment.