Welcome the activEco projects in 2013

  • “Dulce Plai – learning from the bees“ in Chișinău | Liza Mamaliga & Alexandra Balta
  • “Ecotourism for urban youngsters” in Orheiul Vechi | M. Mitrofan, Cristina Kifa , E. Sciobioala
  • “Bike Point” in Chișinău | Alexandru Munteanu & Ion Ungureanu
  • “EcoJunior” – seminars in Kinderardens in Gura Galbenei | Alla Vacarciuc & Nicolae Buțanu
  • “Gardening for Healthy Life” in Chisinau | Ana Hubca
  • “Local food resilience network” | Eugen Ilinschi, Aurica Robu, Iulia Marcinschi, Dana Cotici
  • “Come with me to plant a tree!!!” in Chiscareni | Valeria Rotari & Mihaela Tabarcea
  • “Learning and practicing to live healthy” in Lozova | Mariana Vornicescu

Dulce Plai “Learning from the bees”

Dulce Plai “Learning from the bees” is educating primary school children and their parents about the importance of bees for natural ecosystems and our society.The addressed problem is a dramatic decline of bee population worldwide.

The project will is running since September 2013 in Chișinău schools. Program activities include an interactive theater performance “Learning from the bees”, discussions and quizzes for children.

The team is comprised of Elizaveta Mamaliga, Alexandra Balta and other volunteers, who come from different fields but are united in their love for nature and bees and a common social entrepreneurship project of organic bee keeping “Dulce Plai”. The team developed the theater sketch and even made impressive bee-costumes all by themselves. Besides performing at schools the theater crew gladly accepts invitations to other social events to share the idea the burn for.

Eco-tourism for urban youngsters

The project aims to inspire 10 urban youngsters from Chișinău to discover Orheiul Vechi, to make connection with the villagers from Tribujeni, to learn about ecotourism and to experience rural life. The participants are hosted by the families running the local rural touristic facilities where they have to work one day as volunteers in order to get a glimpse of the daily responsibilities in the rural area. On the second day the participants explore the surroundings on a special touristic hiking route. The outdoor team building and group camping are used as instruments to experience a responsibility for the nature, cultural values and national heritage. The project team members Mircea Mitrofan, Cristina Kifa & Elena Scobioala are planning to make this initiative to an yearly program.


The “Bike Point” project is promoting an alternative means of transportation among young people in Chișinău by supporting the practicing bicyclers and inspiring new people to join. 

The meeting spot at the well known Open Flat Space (Apartamentul Deschis) is in the same time a repairing point and a place for various events. The project team members installed a creative reparation station, which is everyone can use for free. Informative and networking events like repairing workshops, video screenings, discussions and presentations with local and international guests, working with police on raising awareness about biking rules, and parades build the core of public outreach of the project. 

The project team initiated by Alexandru Munteanu and Ion Ungureanu envisions a growing number of bicyclers, who are inspired and motivated to promote cycling as a lifestyle. With this initiative the volunteers are contributing to a wonderful development which is already gaining momentum in the city.

EcoJunior – Environmental education for children

Being convinced that ecological education starts already at a very young age, EcoJunior project team Alla Vacarciuc and Nicolae Buțanu aims to raise awareness of a group of young children about nature and the environment. The project is conducted with a group of children from kindergarten of Gura Galbenei village.

Education is a result of collaboration of the smallest ones and their family, so parents and kindergarten educators are also invited. As a result a group of informed and connected people emerges, which will have hands on solutions for sustainable development. The project is comprised by a series of seminars dedicated to the important role of plants and animals, creative recycling, environmental responsibility and small excursions in order to discover the potential of the locality. 

Gardening for Healthy Life

The goal of this project was to connect patients and the staff of the Chișinău hospital „Emilian Cotaga“ in a joyful and therapeutic activity – gardening. Eighteen volunteers invited by Anea Hubca (the project initiator) cleaned up an allotment of 40 square meters, prepared the soil and then planted lots of different flowers and bushes. 

A part of the planting material was donated by the Public Park „Dendrariu“. Working together outside and caring for the beauty of the hospital yard was a fun and useful team-building activity letting the patients and the staff members become linked on another informal level and develop more ownership and care for the place they work and stay at.

Local food resilience network

Ecological agriculture is based on a number of objectives and principles, as well as the best practices designed to minimize human impact on the environment. The project aims to raise awareness about local and healthy food and ecological practices in agriculture. It strives to connect small organic farmers with potential consumers and in this way to contribute to the local resilience in Moldova. The tools are social networks and a newly created wbsite www.ecosustenabil.wordpress.com/.

Besides that the project is supporting young people interested in organic farming, through practical permaculture and gardening workshops. The project team consists of Eugen Ilinsci, Aurelia Robu, Iulia Marcinschi and Dana Cotici and other volunteers.  

Come with me to plant a tree!!!

Tree planting is with no doubt great, and fruit tree planting has a special charm to it! Two high school students from Chișcăreni, Mihaela Tabarcea and Valeria Rotari, decided to set up a useful and ecological tradition at their school.

Every generation of high school graduates should plant some apple trees, and those who are still attending school should take care of them. This way after some years there will be a constant supply of fresh fruit for all the students for free. This year the girls motivated 25 volunteers to plant about 40 trees.

Learning and practicing sustainability at school

Through a series of team-building activates and self-organized ecological workshops, Mariana Vornicescu and her classmates addressed the issues of healthy lifestyle and personal responsibility towards the nature. They promo­ted waste awareness and general envi­ron­mental conscious­ness in their high-school in Lozova.