Sustainability in action

activEco (or in full – “activEco – sustainability in action”) is a yearly educational program for youth from Moldova and neighbouring regions in Romania and Ukraine, implemented by EcoVisio. Its main goal is to empower creative and motivated people to focus their energy on transitioning our society to sustainable living. 

The 2020 Program of activEco – Sustainability in action is already closed. The 2021 program will reopen early in spring. If you want to be informed about participation opportunities for the 2021 program, please fill out this short form and we will write to you in due time.

If you want to see what the 2020 mini-projects are, click the Projects of 2020 section and Enjoy 😉


In the years before 2020 the program consisted of seminars and workshops. However, due to the pandemic, we have adapted to the online format and are now providing educational “zoominars” (webinars on zoom platform). More about the current structure and content of the program you can find below. 

How activEco offline and online looks like:

2020 Online Educational Events

  • Impulse Meetings Online (English) – 22-29 March
  • Impulse Meetings Online (Romanian-Russian) – 13-24 April
  • Interactive Webinar #1 Waste Prevention and Management – 01-10 May
  • Interactive Webinar #2 Shared Economy and Critical Consumption – 11-17 May
  • Interactive Webinar #3 Resource saving Mobility – Biking! – 17-22 May
  • Interactive Webinar #4 Health through sustainable nutrition – 03-06 June
  • Interactive Webinar #5 Energy efficiency and Renewables – 10-15 June

Online Impulse Meetings

Usually the Impulse Seminars take place in ETC Riscova, and focus on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. This year, we organized 2 online Impulses (4 meetings online with each language group) and will continue offline in July with a weekend Seminar in ETC.

The 23 participants that took part in the online Impulse meetings got to learn about the Sustainable Development goals and concepts, about how global issues relate to local ones and how activism begins in one’s community.

The offline part of the Impulse will take place on the 3rd-5th of July (if the situation with Covid allows it)

Webinar #1 Waste Prevention and Management

The Waste Prevention and Management webinar was realized in collaboration with EcoVisio Waste Management Department and took place during 5 online meetings with 14 young people from the region. Participants learned about the local situation with Waste management and came to the conclusion that Waste Prevention is the first and most important aspect of this issue. By the end of the webinars participants came up with ideas for projects about filming documentaries, organizing separate waste management initiatives, promoting the 5 R’s of Zero waste and other ideas.

Webinar #2 Shared Economy and Critical Consumption

This webinar consisted of 5 online meetings, in which participants discovered projects of shared economy, the need for such projects, they delved into the aspects of critical consumption and came up with project ideas regarding food sharing and food waste prevention, as well as promoting the culture of sharing in their community. 

Webinar #3 Resource saving Mobility – Biking!

In the current situation, with the quarantine and limited public transport access, the bicycle has started to be viewed in Chisinau in a new light. This opportunity of reviving the bike as a transportation means and not just a sports element was not lost on the biking community. At the webinar participants learned from the example of Amsterdam and other biking cities across the world, adapted the lessons to the situation in Moldova and came up with project ideas meant to bring closer the biking community, make biking more accessible and “user friendly”.

Webinar #4 Health through sustainable nutrition

Food is the aspect in our lives that affects our health, the environment and other people. How? Mainly through the food production and processing industry, which starts with agriculture, albeit plant based or animal. Our participants explored the 3 main dimension of impact from the food industry and created ideas for promoting a more sustainable way of eating – for our health and the environment. The project ideas included promoting local kitchen and local ingredients, as well as raising awareness about plant based eating.

Webinar #5 Energy efficiency and Renewables

The webinar focuses on global and local challenges that a fossil fuel focused world has to face in the century of climate changes. Participants explore everyday solutions as well practical directions for activism in the field of Energy.

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